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What to Store (and Not to Store) in Your Self Storage Unit

 Storing Items in Your Unit 

     Using self storage is a great way to save space in your home or business. However, while most items can be packed away to make room, there are items you cannot store in your unit or other items that may require special preparation.  Generally, all storage items fall into 3 categories:

  • Prohibited items

  • Items that need advance preparation

  • Items for easy storage


See below for simple self storage guidelines:

woman and man packing boxes

What Not to Store

  • Waste or Smelly Items

  • Flammable or combustible items (e.g. cleaning fluids or paint thinner)

  • Food, perishable goods, edible ornaments

  • Anything living (e.g. animals or plants)

  • Toxic or hazardous  materials

  • Illegal substances or goods

  • Explosives, weapons, or ammunition

  What to Store

  • Seasonal items or items used often but not always (e.g. skis, holiday decorations and clothing)

  • CDs, books and toys

  • Dishes and silverware

  • Cars, boats, motorcycles and RVs

  • Commercial goods and supplies

  • Appliances such as TVs and computers

  • Furniture, mattresses and linens

  • Equipment including lawnmowers and leaf blowers

prohibited items to store

Other Considerations

  • Equipment storage: Drain gasoline and other fluids from the equipment

  • Appliances such as Refrigerators and Freezers: Clean and dry out the appliances before storage

  • Wood & Cloth Furniture: Clean wood pieces and cover fabric & mattresses with plastic covers

If you are unsure about storing a specific item, just ask! Our self storage facility has trained professionals to help you figure things out. Also, check out our article "8 Tips & Tricks"on Storage Resources to help keep your belongings safe and in good condition while in storage.

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