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Tips for Your Spring Cleaning, Quarancleaning, or Decluttering Project

Cleaning and organizing Tips for a messy closet

Self Storage & Cleaning out the Clutter


     Trying to be productive and get a jump start on spring cleaning?  Or are you just quarancleaning?  Maybe you just need more space and your house is feeling a bit cluttered.  Did you know the best way to clean & declutter is with a self-storage unit? Renting a unit will increase the amount of items that you can remove from your house and give you the space you need. Here is Low Tor Storage’s quick list to help you with your spring-decluttering (or quarancleaning) project.

1.Make A List (Like this one!)

     No good cleaning/decluttering endeavor is going to go well without a plan. Get a pen and paper and start making a list of all the things that you want to remove from your home. Not sure where to start?  Check out this 30 Day Challenge from “Natural Beach Living”. Track your progress with their printable checklist HERE.

2. Pack Up Your Less Used & Seasonal Items

     It's not winter anymore. Ski’s, jackets, pants etc. should all go into storage until next year.  Same with those seasonal décor items, books & random kitchen gadgets.  As you declutter, pack these items away for next year.  If you don’t have a dedicated space to store these things, your best bet is renting a self storage unit. Even if you have the space, you could probably use it for something better. Your home shouldn’t be an over-stuffed closet.

Don’t have enough boxes to store everything?  No worries.  We also sell boxes and packing supplies for your convenience.  Check out our full line of supplies HERE.

3. Choose Your Unit

     This is totally dependent on the number of items you want to store. If it’s just a few boxes of items, you can grab the small units, 5×5 or 5x10. From there you can only go bigger, and if you plan to use your unit like a garage, you can rent a 10x20 unit. Not sure?  Give us a call and ask one of our experienced Team Members.  We’ll find the perfect fit for you.  No one likes climbing overstuffed animals or digging through sweaters for a t-shirt, so store those things around the corner at Low Tor Storage. Call us today!

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