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8 Tips and Tricks to Pack and Store Like a Professional

Packing Tips for everyone

  Pack Like a Professional  

Moving your belongings into storage? You'll want to make sure everything is packed properly so it stays in great condition. If it's worth storing, it's worth storing right.  Don't worry though, it's pretty simple to ensure your belongings stay safe.  We have 8 simple tips to have you packing like a professional in no time!

1. Clean It Before Storing It

Before placing items in storage, give them a quick cleaning (furniture, upholstery,  things that have been stored in your own home for a while, etc.).  Otherwise, bugs, mold, mildew, and other unpleasant things can quickly go from a small thing to a big problem. A quick wipe down, spritz or vacuuming before  boxing it up or storing it can go a long way to saving you time, a headache, and your wallet later.

2.  Use Uniform Box Sizes

For things that go in boxes, the biggest mistake people make are getting boxes of poor quality and for storage especially, using boxes of all shapes and sizes.  Generally, you want to limit yourself to 2 sizes of boxes.  This makes stacking and storing them easier and you will save space in your storage unit because they fit together better.  It's also generally recommended to keep box weight below 50 pounds, though it can be tempting to try and shove it all into one box.  Luckily, Low Tor Storage carries all your packing and moving supplies, including boxes.  Check out our supplies here.

3. Keep an Inventory of Your Stuff

In the midst of a chaotic move, it’s easy to forget what you put into storage. So before packing belongings, create an inventory list of all of the items you plan to store. From paintings and pictures to furniture and smaller knick-knacks, you’ll be able to keep up with everything. We recommend keeping a copy for yourself and leaving one inside the storage unit. This way when you go to pull things out, you’ll have your inventory list right in front of you!

4. When Possible, Disassemble It

Since space matters, when putting items into storage if you can take it apart so it fits better, than it's worth it.  Bookshelves, tables, and dressers, bed frames, and other items designed to be dissembled should be taken apart before being stored. This will make these items fit better into smaller storage spaces and as a bonus, it can help prevent damage.

5. Protect Your Fragile Items

Storing items on the more breakable side? It’s important to wrap each item up completely. For extra-fragile items (like wine glasses)  use at least two layers of packing paper. Also, while you don't want to cram things together, a snug fit will help avoid jiggling and banging things together. For hollow items or spaces such as coffee mug handles, or space between items, stuff them with crumpled packing paper, then wrap individually with more paper before setting them inside a box lined with paper or bubble wrap. For flat items like plates and picture frames, wrap each item in packing paper before placing them in a box vertically.  Place a sheet of bubble wrap between each dish for extra protection.

6. Label Your Boxes

Want to cut down on the stress of moving? Having a labeling system and labeling all your boxes clearly and consistently is one of the keys to a fast and stress-free move. Some people like a numbering system, others use color coding systems.  Also, make labeling easier on yourself and try and pack similar items together.  Especially grouping fragile items together.  Not only can you then mark them as fragile, you know to place it on top when stacking boxes.

7. Fragile on Top, Most Important In Front

Once everything is packed, besides celebrating, it's time to move everything into your storage unit.  There are 2 things to keep in mind when storing your items: how fragile something is and how often you plan to use it. To keep items from breaking and boxes from crushing one another, stack based on fragility and weight. Heavy boxes and items should be placed at the bottom.  As you start to stack, things should get lighter with the most fragile on top. 

That only leaves the 2nd part, how often you plan to use what you store.  As you’re putting items into your storage unit, make sure to keep the items you think you might be using regularly towards the front to give yourself easy to access. For a more in-depth guide on how to organize your unit check out our article: How to Organize a Storage Unit!

8. When in Doubt, Ask 

Packing isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially if you try doing it by yourself.  Sometimes it's a good idea to ask for some help to make the job easier. Reputable storage companies like ours here at Low Tor Storage can direct you to the proper packing materials and give you general storage advice for your unit and belongings.  Also, many hands make light work. Sometimes you really do need an extra hand or professional movers even.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help — you might end up with broken items or an unwanted injury otherwise. 

Reserve Your Unit Now at Low Tor Storage

Want to learn more? Visit our Packing and Storage Tips page for extra information on all things storage and moving. Ready to store your items with our team here at Low Tor Storage? Contact us to schedule a tour and to reserve unit today!

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Inventory Everything
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