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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

What is the difference between Indoor vs. Drive-Up/Outdoor Storage Units?

  • Indoor Storage Units: Indoor units are housed inside a building, offering less exposure to harsh elements.  However, this storage type is not to be confused with units that offer climate control. Indoor storage provides protection from extreme temperatures while falling just shy of the stability offered by climate control.

  • Drive-Up Storage Units:  Drive-up storage is perfect for those looking for quick, easy access to their items.  Drive straight up to your unit, park, unload, and take off (or hang out).  Our roll-up doors make accessing your unit a breeze and save space unlike their swinging-door counterparts.  While this is often the most convenient method of storage, it offers slightly less protection from the elements than indoor and climate controlled storage.  However, Drive-Up is easily the most popular form of storage, mostly for it's quick access and nonetheless great protection from water, pests, dirt, and other unwanted nuisances.  Just because it doesn't have the level of temperature control offered by other storage types doesn't mean it's any less secure, clean, and reliable.

Renting a Storage Unit

When can I move in?

What type of documentation do I need to provide in order to rent a space?

All you need is a Government issued form of ID (example: driver’s license, state ID, or passport)

If there is a storage space available that meets your specific storage needs, you can move in right away once the lease is signed (about a 5 minute process).  You can complete the entire rental process online, stop by in person, or call our office at 845-786-7777.

Can I just stop by to view the facility and storage spaces? Or do I need an appointment?

We are open 7 days a week and you can stop by anytime.  Just remember to bring your mask. Feel free to look at the picture on our Storage Units Page to give you a better idea of what you'd like to rent.

Do I need to bring my own lock

We provide Chateau Cylinder locks for each tenant to use and is included with your lease.  

When is my rent due?


Storage units are rented on a month to month basis.  Your rent is due the day you rented your unit.  Want to skip the hassle of remembering? Ask about our Autobill feature and never worry about late fees!

How can I pay my rent?

We accept cash, all major credit cards, money order, and checks.  Can't get into the office to pay? We can also process your payment over the phone using a credit card, you can mail a check or money order, or use our online tenant portal at the top!

General Storage Questions

Does someone have to be in the office to let me through the gate?

No.  We offer a separate set of hours for accessing the storage units.  Gate hours are 7am-9pm everyday and gate can be opened with a personalized code.

I can't find the key to my unit.  What can I do?

Stop by the office and our storage managers can drill the lock for you.  You will need to show ID that matches the name on the account for security purposes.

Are there any items that I am NOT allowed to store.

As stated in your lease, animals, food, explosives, flammable liquids, toxic materials, perishables, etc. are not allowed and may cause damage to the unit or other things stored in the unit.  See our article WHAT TO STORE for more details. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a specific item.

What size storage unit do I need for a king-size bed?

10 ft. x 10 ft. unit: 100 square feet

Queen-size space not enough for your king-size tastes? A 10 ft. x 10 ft. unit holds larger mattresses, an entertainment center, bigger appliances like washers and dryers, dining room furniture, and all the goods from your two-bedroom home or apartment.

What size storage unit do I need for a car?

10 ft. x 20 ft. unit: 200 square feet

The size of a one-car garage, this unit can hold your classic Corvette over the winter, and you’ll still have space for extra stuff—like boxes, furniture sets, and seasonal home goods.

Supplies Available 

Do you have handcarts and dollies available at your facility?

Yes.  Hand carts and dollies are available for free use as long as the office is open.

Do you sell boxes, moving, and storage supplies?

Yes.  We sell boxes, packing and moving supplies and tools, along with storage supplies right in our office.  Check out our Packing Supplies Page for more details.

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