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How To Properly Store Clothes in a Self-Storage Unit

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  Keep your Clothing Fresh  

Taking the time to pack your clothing the right way for self-storage will help prevent damage such as musty odors, mold, mildew, or pests. Below are packing and storage tips for both short-term and long-term storage that you can follow to keep your items safe at Low Tor Storage:

  • Clean clothing thoroughly and make sure they are completely dry before packing

  • Avoid vacuum-sealed bags and garbage bags. This can lead to permanent damage or mold or mildew 

  • Keep clothing and accessories in garment bags that can hang

  • Use wardrobe boxes with built-in hanging rods

  • Use non-metal hangers and allow plenty of space between items

  • Fold and stack clothing in boxes, suitcases, bins, or trunks loosely

  • Place sheets of acid-free tissue paper between clothes in boxes, bins, or trunks

  • Add desiccants (e.g., silica packets, oxygen absorbers) to absorb moisture and prevent mold 

  • Keep cedar blocks or mothballs in garment storage containers to ward off pests

  • Raise all clothing storage containers off the ground with pallets to allow air to circulate

  • Keep 6 inches between boxes and storage unit wall to allow air to circulate

  • Always store heavier storage items on the bottom and lightest on the top

Have other things to store?  Check out our article "8 Tips & Tricks"on Storage Resources to help keep your belongings safe and in good condition while in storage.

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